“Great Results, personable, high integrity, considerate, diligent, and persistent. Mare is a delight to work with.”


We had two exceptional experiences with Mare and had plenty of opportunities to observe her in action. In the first, we were the buyers, and Mare represented the seller, while in the second, a few months later, we were the sellers, and Mare represented us in the sale of our property. In no time, Mare gained our trust, as we witnessed how she strove to make each of the two transactions a win-win proposition for both seller and buyer. We were immensely impressed and touched by her sincerity, professionalism, scrupulously ethical approach and unwavering commitment to those she represented. She sold our condo in record time while sales were stagnant, and this was due to her hard work and to her astute understanding of what each potential buyer wanted in a home.  It is a privilege to be sharing our beautiful experience and to give Mare our highest recommendation.